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SMIG, TIG, Aluminum Welding. Shearing, forming, Weldments, Special Projects, Production Manufacturing, Plasma Cutting.

Whether you’re an individual seeking expertise to design and build a special one-off project, or a company seeking to outsource part of your manufacturing process, we will Meet Your Needs and Exceed Your Expectations.

We specialize in both MIG and TIG welding. Our highly skilled and dedicated staff has many years of combined experience in project design and the fabrication of mild steel, stainless, and aluminum. Our shop is equipped with a 10’ sheer and 200-ton press brake that allows us to cut and bend material exactly to your specifications.

You can count on our unrelenting commitment to quality, timeliness, and customer satisfaction to guide us through to the completion of your project.

Much More Than A Welding Shop.

CNC Water Jet Cutting

Metals, Rubber, Plastics, Glass, Wood, Stone.

Our CNC Water Jet can cut materials such as those listed above with extreme precision. We utilize advanced water jetting technology to be a reliable partner for producing precision, two-dimensional shapes specific to a customer’s CAD files or blueprints. The CNC Water Jet is the ultimate machine tool no matter the application.

On top of ultimate versatility there are three main benefits to CNC Water Jet cutting:

1) It’s a Cold Cutting Process. Therefore no heat or stress is imparted into your cut material preserving the integrity of the product and eliminating any chance for warping.

2) It provides a Satin Smooth Edge that allows us to take the part directly off of the cutting table without the need for secondary finishing to clean up the cut.

3) It cuts with Minimal Kerf (width of the cut) and high accuracy allowing us to cut virtually any material and to do so with great precision. It eliminates slag deformation and dross waste which are unfortunate effects found in the plasma and laser cutting processes.


Milling, Turning, Hydraulic Cylinder Repair.

Operating out of our Effingham facility, we offer the convenience and consistency that is only available from a one-stop machine shop.

As we continue to expand and further develop our offerings, we have retained our focus on exceptional customer service and product quality. Our customers appreciate the quality of our machined products as well as the personal service they receive.

Our Machine Shop is equipped with two 3-axis Vertical Mills (a CNC vertical mill and a vertical knee mill) and 2 lathes. Our LeBlonde lathe has a 16’” swing with a 6’ working length and the Nardini lathe touts a 19” swing and 9’ working length. Give us a call for all your custom machining needs.

Call us at (217) 342-3234

Driveshaft Building and Balancing

We use a Shaftmaster® Driveshaft Manufacturing and Repair machine equipped with auto weld. The Shaftmaster® remains the most powerful drive shaft machine in the industry. It’s capable of handling driveshafts from the 1000 series to the new SPL Series. The rugged ten-ton hydraulic ram press provides a tight and true press fit for precision alignment.

We can custom build your driveshaft and ship it anywhere.

Contact us for more information.

Mobile Welding

We also answer the call for your on-site welding needs. For those jobs that can’t be completed in our shop, whether it’s at the construction site or in the field, we’ll come to you. No job is too big or too small.

Proper training, a wealth of experience, and a strong commitment to excellence put us head and shoulders above the rest. Call us today!